Mikol Davis, Psychologist

Over the past 37 years, Dr. Mikol Davis has worked in both private practice and in community hospitals with geriatric patients suffering from dementia, depression, and other psychiatric problems. He received his doctorate in Psychology from the University of San Francisco in 1980. Dr. Davis has provided psychological counseling for people in crisis, suicide attempts, drug dependency, and emotional problems due to failing health. He has assisted many individuals to resolve conflicts with other members of their families.

Dr. Davis has been in private practice in Marin County, California since 1976. Through developing close relationships with medical specialists, support groups and services, Dr. Davis has assisted many families with important community resources for elders. He is a skilled mediator, often working with families to develop written plans to reduce conflict.

Since founding AgingParents.com with his wife, Carolyn Rosenblatt, Dr. Davis has offered important emotional support and resources for family members caring for aging parents. He provides one-on-one emotional support for the primary caregivers of elders, teaches coping skills, and helps the caregiver avoid burnout and overload.

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