Does Medicare Cover Oral Surgery?

1 answer | Last updated: Nov 14, 2016
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Does Medicare cover oral surgery?

Expert Answers

Whether Medicare Part B covers oral surgery depends on the kind of surgery it is and who performs it. If the oral surgeon is a medical physician (M.D.) rather than a dental surgeon, Medicare Part B will almost certainly cover the care.

If the oral surgeon is not a physician, however, then the coverage depends on the kind of treatment performed. Medicare considers most work by nonphysician oral surgeons to be "dental" rather than "medical" and does not cover it.

But Medicare Part B can cover nonphysician treatment that involves a problem with jaw or mouth bones or tissue if it's the kind of treatment that physicians also perform. If so, the care might be considered "medical" and thus be covered by Medicare Part B even if performed by an oral surgeon who is not an M.D. In this case, though, the oral surgeon who provides the care must participate in Medicare, and not all oral surgeons do.