What can we do to help decrease the swelling in my mom's legs and feet?

1 answer | Last updated: Nov 18, 2016
Mrs. h asked...

My mom has just undergone ovarian cancer surgery and had a complete hysterectomy. She started 1 chemo treatment but she had many problems and ended up in the hospital for 6 weeks. She is home now but has serious swelling of the legs and feet which make it almost impossible to walk. My dad wraps them in a special wrap every day to help them decrease in size. Is there anything else that might be a suggestion for us to try to get some swelling down? She has gained a lot of weight and it is all in her legs. She can't lift them up by herself.

Community Answers

Deeruss answered...

when my wife had ovarian cancer and swelling in her thighs ankles an feet, i was able to keep the swelling out of her ankles and feet by elevating her feet with a pillow it also helped with the thighs some. but i was never able to get the sweelling completely down in her thighs. u should know that when your mother is laying in bed or sitting up keep her feet elevated. and some added information keep your mother rubbed down with berrier creme this will help her skin alot so her skin won't crack or discolor. this berrier creme u get at ur local pharmacy on the shelf, it's a little expensive about 10.00 a tube but it's important to do this to keep your mother comfortable. if u have hospice involved they will supply u this creme. and one last thing, if you don't have hospice get it they helped me with my wife and i was so glad i involved hospice, i was against it at first but i'm glad they helped me and my wife. God Bess you!