Dad must move per the state. Now what?

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A fellow caregiver asked...

My 82-Y-O dad has dementia and is totally dependant on others for his care. He is bedridden and nearly completely non-verbal. He has been in an assisted living facility a little over three (3) years. Recently the state inspected the facility and decided dad needs to be in a facility that provides more skilled care than "assisted living" in our state (Georgia) should be providing. We have had a private sitter with him in addition to the caregiver the facility assigns to him. We wrote letters asking that he be allowed to stay where he is until death, but the state has denied our request. The facility is planning to appeal the decision, but they were told unless he improves dramatically he will have to move. We really cannot afford a nursing home and bringing him home doesn't seem to be a solution either, considering the amount of care he does need. Dad's medical condition is somewhat fragile and he could go any day or he could linger for months, which was our basis for requesting that he be allowed to stay where he is. The state's notification to the facility about dad needing to be moved gave no suggestions what so ever as to where we should even begin to look when trying to find a new place for him. Mom is (of course) distraught about this, but knows bringing dad home isn't the answer.

Has anyone else been in this situation and how have you handled it?

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Inventingjoy answered...

I am so fed up with gov't interference! I have no idea how to deal with these unfeeling beaureucrats. I think the only thing that influences them is bad press. Any chance of a demonstration on the front porch of the state? Lots of wheelchairs, hospital beds on a nice sunny day?

Francesc answered...

an update on my original question: dad ended up dying before the 30 days we had to move him was up. It solved the problem, but still didn't address the issue.
And I agree - I'm fed up with all the government interference. Yes, we need some regulations but not nearly the amount that we have. We have become way too much of a 'nanny state' in my opinion.
Hugs to everyone dealing with dementia (all forms)!