Can a person be charged with abandonment?

0 answers | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
Dot72 asked...

I am taking care of my 81 year old mother w/Alzheimer's disease in my home with very meager compensation on a monthly basis. Mom has been abandoned by her husband of 60 years. However, he has started showing up and taking Mom for 2-3 hour Saturday afternoon rides. Now I found out that he is taking her to their home. She came back from their last ride extremely agitated, packing her things and told me she was able to live at her house now. When dad tried to push the problem off on me and leave I told him to listen to what Mom is saying... He then blew up, punched my husband and said he is taking Mom away from us. However, he left without her and we haven't heard from him since nor have I been paid. He is a business man with a nice income, is there anything I can do to force him to pay for Mom's care while she is in my home? As you all well know, it isn't cheap. Or do I have the right to charge him with abandonment?