Are highly educated people less likely to get Alzheimer's?

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Myra22 asked...

Are more highly educated individuals less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease?

Expert Answers

Dr. William J. Netzer, Research Associate, Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Disease Research laboratory at The Rockefeller University. Dr. Netzer's long-term goal is to discover molecules within brain cells that would act as therapeutic targets for drugs aimed at treating Alzheimer's disease. For a full bio on Dr. Netzer and his major findings, please visit:

On average, people having more years of formal education tend to get less Alzheimer's or tend to develop it at a later age compared to less educated people.

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Meadowview answered...

My husband received his BA from an Ivy League school, his MBA from Columbia and held major positions in Fortune 500 corporations. His military experience required the highest security clearance. We started our own business and grew it from 4 to 160 employees. His hobbies were intellectual - chess, bridge, music and puzzles and he participated in substantial physical activity until he entered assisted living at age 69. He was diagnosed at age 63. His health is still excellent; there is no family history of Alzheimer's. He seems to contradict every bit of recent research. Go figure!

Carebear4him answered...

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