My grandmother has Alzheimer's and refuses to go to the doctor-help!

2 answers | Last updated: Mar 28, 2016
A fellow caregiver asked...

Hello my grandmother has Alzheimer's. We got her to the doctor once and they put her on the exelo patch but when it was time for her 2nd visit,my dad and I got her to the doctor's office and within 3 minutes she stood up and said she was leaving. She starting hitting,scratching and pinching my dad along with cussing him and the nurses.Now the doctor can't giver her medication anymore because she would not come back in the office to see him and she cussed the nurses.They told us the only thing we can do now is to take a mental hygiene against her but my dad will not do this or allow anyone else to do this.We were going to have her put in the nursing home but since she didn't see the doctor we can't do this now.Is there any help please??

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Community Answers

Connie195850@yahoo.c answered...

my mother-n-law has aizheimers. she cant be alone. she got sick. about18 months ago. she started going down fast.after.8 months of her sickness. the doctors took her driver got so hard for me and her son. we had to move her in with is a big task. she cant bathe herself. she gets confused.she loses things.such as pocket book etc.... she dont remember our names.she tries to talk. and she really cant get her words out.i know god is the great physcian. and we tell her we love her all the time. but.i pray all the time. i pray for god to heal her if it his will. she paces the floor all the time. but. she cant help any of this. remember. her and me and her son. its hard. i know. god will give us the strength to do the best we can.

Connie195850@yahoo.c answered...

well. so far my mother-n-law has not done anything like that at the doctors office.she at times be scared to go to the doctor. i dont know why. once. she gets there shes alright.i will keep your grandmother in our prayers. keep us in yours. sorry could not give much answer. but. i know jesus is the answer.