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Why might I be more agitated during the day than the night?

2 answers | Last updated: Jan 13, 2014
nurse2short asked...

Why am I so agitated during the day, and cannot seem to get anything done? However, as soon as the sun goes down my mood changes and I feel a bit more energized, although I still can't wait to get into bed. I might add that I've been diagnosed with depression and fibromyalgia and I'm also a caregiver.


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Ken Robbins, M.D. answered...

It is hard to give you a definitive answer to this question without more information, however I can give you some things to consider. It may be the caretaking is See also:
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wearing you down, and if the person you are assisting goes to sleep or has less needs after the sun goes down, it may be you are finally able to relax and feel free and energized. Another thing to consider is whether your energy correlates with the severity of your fibromyalgia pain. It may be either the caretaking tasks or other tasks are exacerbating your pain during the day. I would also suggest you carefully look over the times you take any medications, whether for your fibromyalgia, depression or something else. The fatigue may be a side effect of the medication. Other questions you may want to consider include: Are there other people around at night to assist you and therefore to decrease your responsibilities? Are you eating healthy during the day? Do you exercise and when? Is there something else stressful going on during the days? Finally, it may have to do with diurnal endocrine changes, perhaps related to your depression. While it is more common with depression for symptoms to be more severe in the morning, there are some people who have just the reverse. I would suggest you discuss your symptoms and these various issues with your physicians. If you are not currently working with a psychiatrist, given these complicated issues, that may be something to consider.


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lovely7 answered...

I too had this problem. I was a caregiver for my mother for 3 years at home. I didn't work and had limited time outside the home which was used to grocery shop, doing our laundry and occasional visits to the doctor for her. I went from being able to do as I pleased with my time to being a shut in. During the day in addition to assisting with bathing,dressing and bathroom, cooking 3 meals snacks, and household chores(cleaning) I had no life. I had very little support and I'm sure I became depressed.My energy level went up at night and I didn't want to go to bed because I viewed this time as time for myself. I also had medical issues of my own to deal with. It all became very over whelming for me. I'm no longer a caregiver at home for her but I still am responsible for her and it can be overwhelming still. As for my physician, who is really good to me, he was no help at the time because he would just say that I needed to get a job and go back to work. He never said I should place my mother in a rehab or anything but I felt that he didn't understand my situation and wanted to say something like that but didn't. I think I'm still depressed.