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Reviews of Baptist Village of Northern Kentucky

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Baptist Village of Northern Kentucky
Posted by Lorraine28 December 07, 2014

I visited this facility

I visited Baptist Village. I like this place very much. Everything was excellent, but it was a little costly. The apartments were very spacious. The location was excellent for my taste.

Baptist Village of Northern Kentucky
Posted by AshKyle June 30, 2012

I am a friend or relative of a resident

When my grandmother was at this facility, we had to keep someone with her 24/7 because we quickly learned no to trust them. She began to have sores and we also had an experience where a nurse tried to give my grandmother her pills while in a comotosed state. She could have chocked to death. She was dying at that point. It was rediculous.When I began Nursing school I found out that we would be doing a clinical rotation here. I was shocked to see the treatment of the patients. They were indeed fed, dressed, and bathed on time. But when they realized we were gonna be there, they literally disappeared. There was many times they would put someone on the toilet and just leave them there. We would answer a call light and find a client on the toilet all by themselves. And as far as moving the patients every 2 hours, that never happened. They would sit in the same wheelchair for the 8 hours we were there. We only came on Tuesdays so as Nursing students we changed that and repositioned them ourselves. If they were bed ridden, they were never moved. So we started repositioning them. We tried to make someone of a difference. We were hear for 11 weeks and I saw range of motion being performed 2 times by someone other than us. Our clinical instructor actually took our complaints to the head of the nursing home. We are no longer there so I don't know if anything has changed or not. But I can tell you I would never put another loved one here, EVER.

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