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Assisted Living: How to Get Mom to Clean Her Residence?

resahar said...
My mom has been living at a assisted living facility for about a year and half now. I live in DE and mom lives in MN. One of my mom's sister lives close to mom and is there to help her and to keep an eye on things. My aunt and I share guardianship/conservatorship. The facility that mom lives in is very nice and is a place that she picked. She ... more
from the Mild Stage Support Group
felic1 said...
Somebody has to clean the place. You aunt should go in and clean it.
resahar said...
She tries, but mom just gets very upset. We tell her that if my aunt doesn't help her that someone from the facility will come in and clean...it doesn't matter. She doesn't want anyone to do it.
wonderful77 said...
Can one of you take her out for a little outing while the other cleans up? Could be she wouldn't even notice. Distraction of some kind sounds like the ticket.

In-Home Care: Could Mom Be Hurting the Dogs While I'm Gone?

Caring.com User - Ms Terri
Ms Terri said...
Is it possible that my mother is hurting the dogs while I'm gone and not remember? She really likes them, but I wonder if she's stepping on them by accident, since she can't see very good. They are 3 small dogs. Today I came home and my terrier is limping and in a lot of pain. She said he fell off the couch. And for the last month he yelps if I sud... more
from the Mild Stage Support Group
Hollyw said...
I work part time at an animal hospital - shaking is certainly a sign of pain -its possible a back or... more
Little Eve said...
You should definitely look into this situation. Probably your mom should not be left alone with the... more
anniepop4419 said...
my husband trips (steps on) over the dogs (three of them) all the time. it could be a depth percept... more

Caring for Mom & Husband: Why Do I Feel Guilty Leaving Them?

An anonymous caregiver said...
why when i think about taking a day away from my mother and husband whom both have either alzheimers or dementia i feel guilty and don't go, i have been caring for my mother who is wheelchair bound and needs help with everything but eating for 8 years and my husband who was diagnoised with dementia last year, I have never had help with the care of... more
from the Moderate Stage Support Group
Caring.com User - Jayne Hannah
Jayne Hannah said...
I was just told this in my bereavement support - guilt is reserved for when you intentionally set ou... more
Caring.com User - LaurSavvy
LaurSavvy said...
I think you are so tired that just going outside is a lot of work. Somebody wonderful on this site t... more
An anonymous caregiver said...
I haven't any friends, after eight years of caring for mother in my home and never going anywhere there are no friends. But you are right Jayne I do feel sad and very tired, and i will look into Alzheimers Assoc. thanks for your help Jayne

Respite Care: How to Arrange Last-Minute Back-up Care When I'm Ill?

An anonymous caregiver said...
Is there someway to find a respite care center that will take someone at the last minute and not charge a fortune? I was hospitalized last week for intestinal bleeding. I put off going for too long because I had no one to care for my husband. The hospital found us respite care but the place wouldn't let him out without a cash payment because it was the weekend. I was lucky I could transfer money by computer and write them a check but I may not have enough in my bank account if it happens again.
from the Mild Stage Support Group
annonymous caregiver said...
When you were discharged was there not a discharge planner, rn that met with you perhaps you can con... more
Caring.com User - CaringDenise
CaringDenise said...
Hi Anonymous, Here's an overview of respite options for family caregivers: [https://www.caring.com/a... more
superstring said...
Thanks for your post, anonymous. My prayers for your health also. Also for the reminder that I need ... more

Being a Caregiver: I Should Have Asked to be Super Woman

Caring.com User - Becca13
Becca13 said...
"All my life I've wanted to be somebody. But I see now I should have been more specific." -- Jane Wagner ........ I should have asked to be Super Woman so I could handle this disease better!! ♥
from the Moderate Stage Support Group
Caring.com User - nac
nac said...
You have really said a mouth full. This is not an easy task taking care of our loved ones. Thanks for the quote.
Caring.com User - Gatfly
Gatfly said...
love the quote! I think you are doing a fantastic job - both of you!! ♥
Momma R said...
You know we are all super heros to the ones we care for. I used to think "I will be glad when this ... more

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