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Caring for my husband
Member since October 14, 2010

I am caring for my husband, with Alzheimer's and my Mother, who has macular degeneration, lots of back pain, and probably, early stage Alz. Mother moved here 8 years ago and we remodeled the garage for her. She has a complete living space, kitchen, laundry, bath, etc. The door between the spaces is blocked by furniture, but it is very easy for me to get to her if she needs me. DH has shown signs of Alz. for several years. I am very fortunate that he, so far, exhibits none of the violent of aggressive signs of the illness. He knows me and is very sweet. He has always had excellent health, but is becoming very weak. He is very dependent on me, but I am able to go out to work two days a week. I have a caregiver for that time. And he is satisfied when I am teaching at home. He hears the music and knows where I am. The biggest complication I have is that Mother has more health issues than DH, and I often have to juggle things to take her to appointments. Ther first few years she was here, I could leave DH alone while I took her places,(like the ER!) and just called home often. Now I have to arrange a sitter. Thank you for good neighbors and my agency. Mother has recently entered a wonderful program that takes care of her appointments, usually, when she is at a day care center. I am pretty much alone doing this, as all relatives live in distant states.