What to do about a specific visitor?

0 answers | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
Quiltestar asked...

Mom has a gentleman friend who visits her several times a day. They have been friends for several years, but now he is presenting problems.

1 He tells her she does not need to be there (in Assisted Living) that he can take care of her.l

2 She does not participate or try to become friends with any of the other patients.

3 The staff has already informed him that he comes to often because she rarely takes part in the activities, and he ignores them.

4 I have tried to reason with him about these things, but am having no luck.

5 If he is not there, she goes to her apartment & sits & waits for him to come back, or just goes to bed. She does not socialize.

6 Most times when I go to see her, she has her things packed & wants me to take her back home. Says if I don't have time he can do it.

I feel, as does the doctor & nurses, that he is a hinderance to her situation. Should I stop him from visiting/contacting her?

I don't know what is best for her!