What can I eat, take or do to control or prevent my WBC from dropping lower?

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A fellow caregiver asked...

I am 2 weeks into a 5 and a half week regimen of radiation 5 days a week and oral chemo (3000 mg) 7 days a week for Stage 2 colon cancer. My CBC w/Diff showed a decline in my :WBC @ 760 a month ago - 936 was 2 weeks ago and 388 yesterday, My Hemoglobin went from 12.3/month ago - 11 @ 2 weeks ago to 10.5 yesterday All of these areas declined as well ( Erythrocytes, Hematocrit, , MCV, MPV)
Areas that were high were : Eosinophils from 7 a month ago to 11 that is for 2 weeks ago RDW went from 1460 to 1510 to 1660 I am scheduled to come back in 12 days for a follow up, There is no nutritionist provided, however I am doing a lot of research and I want to be proactive if that's possible other than being tired I have no side effects and a very good appetite, Is this detailed enough? Please give me as much advice as possible. Thank you so much for this forum