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What are the signs of lung cancer?

5 answers | Last updated: Jun 17, 2013
jjtickn asked...

What are the signs of lung cancer?


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Patricia G. answered...

My husband had Lung Cancer, at first he was told he had a cold, then a chest cold, the flu, then lung congestion, then they found he had lung cancer, when he started coughing up red foam. There are many different signs. The best thing is if you're worried get a check up from a Dr. in Pulmonary, not just your family physician and have tests run.


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cathyb answered...

when i was diagnosed with Lung cancer i had severe pain in my right shoulder blade that went into the front of my chest. my xray came back normal, but the ct scan showed a tumor. i was also losing weight and my feet got swollen and a cough.


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john s answered...

I had a MRI of my lungs and they found nodules...does anybody know if thats bad or real bad? I have COPD,high blood pressure,and GERD. Not to mention (other) problems like depression...just be easy on your answers cause my Mom died of Brain Cancer. I should go to a Dr.for Pulmonary Specializing in cancer detection but I don't know who to go to? Am I just a Hypochondriac or being Really paranoid? Hope this isn't inappropiate or offensive in any way, please I'm confused,and can't get a answer except a Doctor told me to keep smoking cause it wasn't cancer and it was a personal habit of mine not to be stopped!! Any Doctor out there know whether nodules mean throat cancer? or Oral cancer? It must be a COPD symptom...? or Cancer and they haven't told me yet. They are trying to rule it out and I have cut down on smoking.


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TNLady answered...

When I had lung cancer I coughed blood. Was first told it probably was broken veins in my nose(?), but after it continued an xray showed a spot on my lung.