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I am not sure how to use my Power of Attorney.

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Chico asked...

My Mother recently moved into our home from another State. She is 84, and cannot care for herself or any of her affairs. My Father passed away twelve years ago, and my problem is that I cannot get my Mother to change anything from the way he had it set-up mainly because she does not understand such things, therefore, she just chooses to leave things as they were. I am her POA. My problem is that she has not changed any of her banking, credit cards, or any other financial obligations, etc., to an institution in the state she now resides in. I have tried to convince her that we need to move these things closer to us so I can manage them easier for her, but she refuses to even discuss it. I have been advised to use my POA to make the necessary changes, however, I am not sure how to write the necessary corespondence to present them with my POA to accomplsh these tasks in an effecient manner. Most of her financial institutions are over a thousand miles away and in a very small town institution, and I know how word spreads around in such a small town. I am torn between doing what my Mother wants, but at the same time knowing that I need to make these necessary changes because she is incompetent, and if I do not do this, it will cause problems later down the line. I guess what I need is a sample correspondence letter to present my POA to her financial institutions as mentioned above, or any other advise you can give to give me peace of mind and know that I am doing the right thing. Thank You,


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gabby6 answered...

I am POA for my mother. I called the bank, utility co.,,doctors, etc to find out how to change all her bills etc to come to my house so I can pay them. My dads name (who passed 4 yrs.ago) is still on some of the bills. I had to make copies of my POA form and send it to all the places. Also on the bills with my dads name, I had to send a copy of his death certificate. Hope this helps some....good luck.


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sandiegozac answered...

My father has ESRD, is on dialysis 3x a week had chf and is eating less, less responsive and sleeping most the time. he does not want dialysis, but his curent wife who is power of attorney and is having medical problems herslef is forcing him to go to =dialysis and thinks he will get well again. He is at total max assist and can not walk. He was just rushed to emergency on monday with severe UTI that make him unresponsive. I am durable power of attorney if my step mother can not perform duties or chooses not to perform duties. However, she is delegating her authority to her duaghter who is a great person but is not a power of attorney or in AHCD or will. He is being robbed of his dignity and would not want to live this way. I can not bring up end of life issues with his wife or she cuts me off from getting information from rehab or hosipital since i live in san diego and he is in delaware. I am now in Delaware indefinately to make sure my dad has proper care. One other issue is they put my dad's name on the title of my step sister's home so she could refinance because she needed his income and my step mom;s's income to qualify for a refinance after she got divorcced. So money is an issue. I feel they will keep him on dialysis until the day he dies so they can collect the 3K a month from his pension. what can i do? My stepmother clearly is not physically able to take care of him, but is mentally competent to make decisions. they just are not what my father would have wanted. Help


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CKover13 answered...

I have a Question, i hope to get some answers asap. I am my Dad's POA, Leagal Guardian, my ouestion is , My Dad is getting worse to the point where he is becoming a Danger to himself & and others. How do i get a Court Order for an Evaluation ? I feel it's time for someone to step in, he will not go anywhere in the car w/ me. And it's at the point i'm a "wreck" when i just have to run to the store. Also we have a "septic system issue, that may cost thousands to fix, & i have no intention on staying here, when my Dad goe's. The house as far as i'm concerned can sit empty. Please tell me how to get a "Court Ordered evaluation", also my Dad is "VERY GOOD at FOOLING people who don't really know him. He has started wandering, i found this out from the ladies that work at the Bank not far from here. HELP...I CAN'T DO THIS MUCH LONGER, I WANT MY OWN LIFE BACK !! I don't mean 2 sound HARSH, but i'm being HONEST.


Lori 47 answered...

My father drinks and drives every night. He has dementia and swears he only has 1 or 2 and comes home. He too is so very manipulative. I thought for sure the dmv would deny his license this time and he bull *** his way thru it. I too am at my wits end and am worried I may be responsible for his behavior. I too have durable POA. Did you get any answers to your dilema? I would sure like to know>


Lori 47 answered...

Personally, when I notified my father's financial institutions as to the status of my power of attorney I faxed the durable power of attorney papers over to them and called and let them know they were coming. They documented the information to my fathers account. I don't know if this helps. Good luck to you in the future. I'm sure it's very difficult for you with her situation being so far away. Godbless,