Respite care?

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Litebulbmoment asked...

I am new to this site but have seen many posts about "respite care" for a week or so, as well as, nursing facility for up to a month...What is this all about? I have taken care of my Mom for 16 months 24/7, months before that from morning to night, and her errands, doctors etc for about 14 years. Seems that I can't even get home health to do anything. It has become very tiresome since I also have 3 kids (2 under 13) and hubby to care for. One sibling who won't even visit, the other one passed away. I have found the questions and advice on here so helpful and uplifting. Thanks for being there when I need to know that I am not alone. :)

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Caringdenise answered...

Welcome to, and thank you for asking about respite care! With the many people you're caring for, it sounds like you definitely deserve some respite. Here's some initial information to support you: 8 Ways to Arrange Breaks from Caregiving The Caregiver Wellness area of our website also has many suggestions for taking care of you while you care for others. We also have several articles about The Sandwich Generation caregivers who care for parents and children. You'll find many folks just like you in our Online Support Groups too. Hope this helps!