What are some good excercises to help rehabilitate a broken hip?

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What are some good excersices to help rehabilitate a broken hip?

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Laura Beltramo, a physical therapist who specializes in geriatrics, graduated with honors from the University of California at San Francisco in 2000. She loves her job working as the sole physical therapist at a premier life-care facility in San Francisco. She has written articles and lectured extensively on fall prevention and other issues relevant to the aging experience. As a registered yoga teacher, she teaches yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness techniques to seniors -- helping them expand their repertoire for coping with stress, pain, and illness in the later years.

The appropriate type of exercises for  a broken hip depend much upon what stage of recovery you are in. First, I would recommend seeking the help of a physical therapist who can give you therapeutically appropriate exercises to meet your specific needs. But that being said, there are some basic themes that hold true in rehabing a broken hip--whether it has been pinned or replaced. In general, one wants  to focus on strengthening the hip extensors and abductors which are the muscles on the back and outside part of the hip. These muscles provide stability and power for the hip which is needed for walking, getting up from a chair, and climbing stairs. So some simple ideas are walking forwards, backwards, and sideways in waist deep water to get resistance on the muscles. An upright or recumbant bike is also an excellent form of exercise to strengthen the hips. Finally, just doing simple sit to stand exercises from a standard, firm chair in a slow and controlled manner with as little hand support as necessary for balance will help strengthen the gluteal muscles. This is a start to your road to recovery!

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I was diagnosed 2 weeks with crack in the socket of right hip. Pain has subsided but doctor said I should stay off of hip for 3 mos and return for x-ray to see if bone is beginning to grow back. So I am in wheelchair for 3 mos. I am 74 yrs. old and have always been very active. Are there some exercises I can perform while in wheelchair to keep circulation in legs throughout body so I won't disintegrate?