What next steps are there for endometrial cancer?

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My mom underwent four rounds of chemo and is undergoing radiation for recurrent endometrial cancer. It spread near iliac artery near the bladder and pelvis region. The CT scan after the chemo showed the hypo dense oval lymph nodes along both the external iliac arteries measuring 2.8 x 0.9cms on the right and 2.2 x 1.1cm on the left. Will radiation shrink the nodes? What is the next step to take after radiation? Please help as the doctors are not telling me how good or bad it is.

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Linda Ackerman, R.N. has clinical experience in oncology, women's health, and medical nursing. She has been practicing for more than 20 years and is a licensed registered nurse in both Florida and Wisconsin. In addition, she serves as a board member of Breast Cancer Recovery and the Wisconsin Cancer Council.

Yes, radiation will shrink the nodes. Depending on how well she responds to the radiation, the next steps may be continued CT scans for monitoring or she may have the option of undergoing more chemotherapy. I would recommend asking the doctor for more specific information. Ask what stage her cancer is and what the prognosis is. Staging is used to determine how far advanced the cancer is and to measure progress of the disease. Uterine cancer is classified as Stages I, II, III, and IV. Request a consultation with the radiation oncologist in addition to the medical oncologist. If you are still unable to obtain the information you are seeking after meeting with the radiation oncologist, I would recommend a second opinion from a radiation oncologist from a different practice.

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Shashi answered...

Look dear first of all what you give the information about your mom is incomplete, about her age , about her condition, and prognosis of the disease. From your given data about the disease I feel your mom is suffering from spreading type of cancer , normaly in these type of cancer first surgical removal is necessary and then chemo and radiotherepy is required and in your case I think the surgery is not done so may be recovery is not possible ,so I think stop the radiation and use some alternative medicine, Homeopathic medicine are very useful in these type of cancer . if you need any more information about Homeopathy please ask me my mail add- dr.skgupta@cancerspecail.com .

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