Proper etiquette with regard to Muslim death.

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Etiquette 101 asked...

The Father of my client (very important family in there community) passed away yesterday. They are in there home town Singapore, I'm in California. I read your information about the preparation (very informative) I want to send them an email and put in some kind of Muslim reference so they know how much I care and how sorry I'm. Can I tell them I'll say a pray for the dead "Salatul Janazah" can I use that verbaige or is it incorrect. They know I'm sorry, there Father has been I'll for awhile, I would just like to say something more comforting then the norm. Especially since I have to send it via email & won't see them until they return to the States. Do I mention anything about salaam? Should I write about what a great family leader he was to his 7 children? Thank you for your help.

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Caringdenise answered...

Hello, I am married to an Indonesian Muslim, and shared your question with several of our friends. One suggested that you say, "Innalilaahi Wainailaihi Rojiuun," which she roughly translated to mean, "all human life will go back to Allah."

I will share more feedback as I receive it. You may also wish to visit this page on the Web for more information about Islamic funerals and end of life customs: This page may also be helpful as it's specific to Muslims in Singapore: has end of life resources here:

Thanks for asking, and much strength and support to your client at this difficult time.

Caringdenise answered...

Hi, I've heard from another Indonesian Muslim who shared that non-Muslim Americans aren't expected to say an Islamic greeting or salutation to their Muslim friends who have a death in the family. You may instead simply pay condolences to the family as you would here in your culture. She said they are likely to appreciate the gesture with or without the Muslim greeting. I hope this is helpful to you!