my story right now with alzheimers

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Lostattimes14 asked...

My grandma is 79 with alzheimers. I have been talking care of her since 09. I have 3 young children who are now 10, 9 & 7. Anyways throughout the yrs its been great but sad cause a women who took care of me in now talking care of her. When she 1st came to live with us she needed very little assistance with some things. As yrs went by her memory got worst but in a way things seem to get funnier cause the stories she repeated over and over again became different each time. Now its 5 yrs into having alzheimers and everything I google is pretty much happening. Started in August 2014 with the sun downers. In October hospice came in thank got cause they truly do help. By now I was drained with gram getting worst and raising children try to be a wife i was beat. By November gram would sleep 20hrs a day eat very little and barely drink. She want on mess yet so I could put the blame on anything so I thought her time was coming BUT 1st week of Dec she was back to sitting and chilling with us. That last about a wk then she got BAD coma like state. She only response with eye and hand movements when I woke her which took forever this last 5days. Then on the 6th day she got up at 630am got herself dressed and out of bed walked into the living-room (which scared the heck out of my husband and youngest child)(I thought was funny) stay up all day ate little but ate, drink tea talked about stories and ppl that were gone. Colored in a beauty and beast coloring book that in her eyes were Adam and eve. She didn't go to bed until 10pm. My gram is still with us today its a rollercoaster ride. I just fell i am now destroying my kids hearts because they get there hopes up when she has these days. O god please help my kids and gram overcome this trip. Its been a great few yrs but now I think it time for all to say goodbye. No one should have to live the way these alzh do