My mother is sucking the life out of me and won't move. What can I do?

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A fellow caregiver asked...

My mother is in her mid-60s and I am in my mid-30s. She has been living with me for over two years since my father died and I cannot get her to move out. This was only supposed to be temporary and now it seems she is never leaving. I have tried to talk to her and she has said she wants her own place and life. She makes plans and gets to the finish line and then for no reason she stops and completely does a 180. It is starting to negatively impact our relationship and I am at my the end of my patients. She does not do anything around the house but make a mess, she does not even cook and takes days do wash dishes even though she is home all day while I work 2 jobs. She gets very nasty and starts arguments and tells me to leave my own house. She shows no respect for me or my house yet expects me to show her respect and put her above all else and thinks it is my duty to take care of her because "she is the mother." I cannot have people over and dating is not even a consideration. I have owned my house for over 2 yrs and still have packed boxes because she moved in and took over with her stuff shortly after I bought the house.

I am really over this and have told her she is going to ruin our relationship and is causing me to not trust her of even like her. She has even acknowledged I need my own life but does not seem to care that she is sucking it away. HELP!!!