My husband is an alcoholic with severe, constant diarrhea.What can I do?

0 answers | Last updated: Sep 08, 2016
Dawn jones asked...

We just got out of the hospital last Thursday and had to call 911 again because of withdrawel seizures. He is incontinent, and has low pottassium levels and is chronically dehydrated. He seemed a bit better in hospital, but got worse hours after leaving. The medicines they gave him for high blood pressure, withdrawal, low magnesium and creon to help him digest seem to be making him weaker and he will probably have to go to the ER again by the weekend. I need immediate assistance with him, but cant pay for it and the doctors just seem to do a patch job to get him out as fast as possible. I understand that he has caused these problems for himself but I truly think he wants to quite now, but he is in agony because his rectum is raw and I am not strong enough to get him in the shower and he screams when I try to clean his anus. What can I do for him and is there any hope at this piont?