Mom thinks she's in a relationship with a friend but it's not for real?

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Bangkokmatt asked...

My Mom thinks she's in a relationship with a fellow resident but it's just absolutely not true.

And she's telling everyone it's so.

Also she tries to visit him and show affection when she sees him and he's not pleased about it. So far he has only complained mildly. But if he wants to he can make trouble you know as she is invading his privacy and disrupting although only slightly the retirement community they live in.

The other residents obviously understand she has some dementia and it's annoying to them but so far nothing terrible has come from it except Mom feels bad. Thinks they must have had a fight or disagreement. So she gets sad for a while.

Or she tells us they are getting married or going away. And she packs her bags but he never shows up.

Also she asks if we approve.

So far we just go along with it. And try to get her to focus on something else or change the subject. You know instead of challenging her.

Anyway what should we do to help with this? We try to get her to stay with us when we visit and she says I'm going to see him. And the staff try to keep her away from his room. And intercept notes & letters she is writing him all the time.

Any ideas from anyone that dealt with this or a similar situation would be helpful?

Thank you and warmest regards,

A loving son