What legal documents will I need as my mother ages?

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Marlo1004 asked...

Mom had to be hospitalized recently after a fall. I had to temporarily take over management of her finances, but the bank and creditors wouldn't talk to me because I don't have power of attorney. What other legal documents do I need as my mother ages?

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Emily m. answered...

HI Marlo1004,

Thanks for sending us your question. One article that you may find useful is 5 Legal Documents You Need for Your Parents.

I hope that helps!

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Unicornc280 answered...

What you can do is call Legal Aide (which is free because your mother is elderly). Just tell them that you need paper for financial stuff. Your mother will have to talk to them, once you got the papers, you can show the bank & creditors that you have power over that stuff and they will be open to talking to you. My grandma did that because she prefer me doing it. Once we got paper in the mail.. The bank & creditors was willing to talk to me more.. I hope this helps, what you also can do it get it for health to.. So that what you can have power for her health & financial..