After lung removal due to cancer, what is the prognosis?

1 answer | Last updated: Nov 21, 2016
Zecueca asked...

My close friend had one lung removed when detected with cancer. What are the chances that he will be alright now?

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Starblue7 answered...

I had two thirds of my lung removed(early detection) and was unable to receive chemo or radiation due to other chronic illness. I am a 10 year survivor. Thank you Lord. I lost 5 close members(mom,brother....) despite chemo and radiation( too late for surgery.) A word of advice, always get medical records and testing results , had I not done this, I would be dead, hospital doctors took cat scan and failed to tell me i had the tumor. It was I who discovered it after getting records and it saved my life. My other family members did not do this and died, In short dont trust your doctor with your life. They are not God Good luck to your friend. God is her best doctor