How do we deal with the expenses associated with the cost of burying my mother when her life insurance policy doesn't cover everything?

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A fellow caregiver asked...

My mother has recently died and we have no plot/grave to bury her.  I have a 2 part question.  What should I say when people ask if I need anything?  What happens when the life insurance policy doesn't cover everything?

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If the life insurance policy or other assets of your mother are not sufficient to pay for her burial, there are some other sources for assistance in this dire time.

Social Security may provide some assistance. If either of your parents was in the military, you should consider contacting the Veteran's Administration. She may be eligible for free burial in one of the Veteran's Administration national cemeteries. Private social agencies such as the Red Cross and the United Way may also be of help in guiding you to a program that may provide assistance. Finally, burial expenses for financially eligible people are often provided by your state's Department of Health Services.