Is help in paying for care available?

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A fellow caregiver asked...

Is help in paying for care available?

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Susie butler answered...

Help with Medicare premiums and other expenses is available through numerous sources, including State Medical Assistance and State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) Offices, from Federal sources such as Social Security and Medicaid, and more. To learn more go to

A fellow caregiver answered...

The answer is good luck. Many states are dropping disabled and elderly from Medicaid (welfare). So even if you are poor (meet income and asset requirements) you will find there are few programs that are currently funded which means there may be programs to help the caregiver and help the patient but there is a waiting list. Here in Florida a 3 year waiting list on most Medicaid in home assistance. Some states are even filing waivers to the US government so they can drop paying Medicaid costs for nursing homes leaving many poor elderly with no help.

Here in Florida Medicaid counts my income with my mom's towards what qualifies us for assistance because I live with her and am related caregiver. Counting our income together disqualifies us for any assistance, yet alone we would qualify. So as long as I live with her as her caregiver, we do not qualify for help.

I found no help unless you can afford to pay for assistance.Some drug companies offer assistance with medication but when I looked into that the cost was still too high.

Medicare will cover help if you are 6 months before death and qualify for Hospice help.

In my community there is "Transitions" program which is usually part of hospice program but does not have the same near death requirements. It is all volunteers trained by hospice but is free. I have a volunteer who sits with my mom 1 hour a week so I can get out.

Government help is very dependent on the state you live in. Anyone who expects the government to help will find nothing.