Does a body need to be in a vault if not embalmed?

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Jackielee asked...

My wife 93 year old grandmother is in the final stages of life and I want to know if she dies of natural causes and is not embalmed does her casket haveto be placed in a vault, usually concrete.

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In almost every state, it is not a law that a casket has to be placed in a burial container; it is the cemetery that makes that requirement or does not. Call the cemetery where she will buried and ask if they require a burial vault.

Only because you mentioned concrete, you may want to ask if other kinds of vaults are also available. In some areas, you can get vaults made from concrete, metal or polystyrene (a high strength type of molded plastic).

Grandmothers are pretty special. May you and your wife find joy in remembering sweet times with her.