Will anything have to be done about this trust when I die?

1 answer | Last updated: Oct 12, 2016
Jch1941 asked...

I receive money from a trust fund quarterly. It comes from my Grandmother's trust in Illinois. When my mother died, they just started sending my brother and I a split share of the money that had been going to her. I have no estate holdings...nothing in my name. Will I have to do anything about the trust when I die? I hope it will be a long time from now. Thanks.

Expert Answers

I doubt if you will have to do anything about the trust to have trust payments handled after you die. But I can't be sure without knowing what the trust itself says. It is the trust document that defines how trust money is to be distributed. I gather that the trust provided that you and your brother received trust money after your mother died. Presumably, the trust has some provision that defines what happens to the trust money after you (and after your brother) die. But to make sure, you'll need to read the trust document.