What can I do to maintain my health as a caregiver?

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Angela.s1971 asked...

I take care both parents and my sister. They are all on ssi disabilty. My father get VA benefits. I of course do have a job or insurance to go to doctors for my self. Is there some thing out there to help me? I am 40 yrs old and I need to stay healthy to take care of them.

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Mixsm33 answered...

Hi Angela, I noticed that your question went unanswered as did mine. Maybe it is because we are both caring for multiple people. I don't know how common it is but, I know that shocked look on peoples faces when I tell them I am caring for my parents and my only two siblings who are both mentally handicapped. No one seems to be able to advise me on my overwhelming situation. I hope you do better.

I would like to tell you that you hat you should be able to get Medicaid but, if you live with your family and they have SSI and retirement money coming in, you may not qualify. They will determine that by the overall income of everyone combined that lives in the house. I was not able to get it for my mom because of my of dads retirement check and the social security benefits of all 4 of them. Medicare stopped paying for her home health because her condition hasn't changed in two years. So, I have to provide all of her care or pay out of pocket for some else to care for her. Incidently, she needs the highest level of care in the house since she is completely bedridden.
I have a job and health insurance but, that doesn't give me much peace of mind when it comes to my own health. The best advice that I can give you is this: 1) regularly take time out for yourself, even its 1 day every month or just a few hours a week. 2) get enough sleep. 3) eat as healthy as you can and treat yourself once in a while to something special . 4) get regular exercise. 5) find someone to talk to. These things are not easy to manage when everyone looks to you for their meals, their baths, their doctor appointments, their entertainment and their laundry. You are doing a fine thing being there for them and catering to their needs but, they know that you have to take care of yourself too. They will understand.

Stress will kill you, slowly. If you take care of yourself and keep from feeling overwhelmed, you may be able to avoid stress related illnesses in the future. You are really the most important person in your household right now; they need you. One day your life may be your own again and you will want to be healthy enough to enjoy it. I hope some of this helps.

Angela.s1971 answered...

Thank you for answering back but i did again I meant to say I do not have a job or insurance. I do that some times. I guess my mind runs quicker than my typing. Thank you for the advice. I will keep all your points in my mind.