I've just been diagnosed with Diabetes? How can I learn to take care of myself?

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Lilmismuffit1958 asked...

I have just been diagnosed and i need to learn how to manage my diabetes. Where can i get diabetic education classes so i can better understand how to take care of myself?

Expert Answers

Theresa Garnero is clinical nurse manager of Diabetes Services at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco.

Diabetes education will help you navigate the best way to care for yourself, so you are off to a good start in looking for classes. A nationally recognized program will help you learn fact from myth and understand what will work best for you.

You can find local diabetes education classes and support groups by contacting your local hospital, calling the American Diabetes Association 1-800-DIABETES (1-800-342-2382) and asking them to help you locate a program in your area, or by calling the American Association of Diabetes Educators 1-800-TEAM-UP4 (1-800-832-6874) to find a diabetes educator or program in your area.

Community Answers

Mseve answered...

First of all  give it to God...Then talk to your Dr. you could get a second opinon  if you like..get all the information on diadetes find a support group or a sponsor learn about what type of diabetes you have get your diet right take care of your body listen to your Dr.I hope that my answer help a lil jus something I would do if I were in your shoes..

may God bless you..


Judith16 answered...

There are many ways into controlling diabetes. My mom has diabetes. She took steps into taking natural supplements that have helped her control her diabetes. Im very happy to say that after many Er experiences she has controlled her diabetes and can eat, drink whatever she wants now. If you or anyone would like to knoe the steps my mother took I'd be very happy to answer. You can contact me at 720-277-1682.

Gemgabb answered...

If you ask your doctor to prescribe a visiting nurse service, they can teach you hints and tips on what and how to do. They also can help you understand how to use a meter if you use one. If you are Medicare eligible, they will pay for this visiting nurse service. I also asked for a dietition (attached to my local visiting nurse agency) and she was very helpful on specific training on what to eat and not eat.