How does she document the pay she receives from him for caregiving?

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My mother is divorced; however, she is her ex-husband's sole caregiver.

When signing up for Veteran's assistance for him, there is something that talks about "countable income", wanting to know what his expenses are.

How does she document what she gets paid to care for him? He pays her cash money from his Social Security. Does she just tell them that she gets paid $400.00 a month to care for him under monthly care expenses, or do they need her to show on paper what he pays her? Thank you.

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There are a number of different Veterans Benefit Programs, but I will assume that your mother's ex-husbnad is seeking Veteran's Aid and Attendance Housebound Benefits. As such he must have less than $14,457 of countable income annually. Total annual health care expenses are deducted from his total annual income to arrive at the figure for his countable income. These health care costs may include, health insurance premiums, Medicare premiums, unreimbursed prescription costs and home heat care services. In dealing with a bureaucracy, such as the Veteran's Administration, it is important to have her contract for his care be in writing. I suggest that your mother contact an Elder Law Attorney who is familiar with Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits to prepare a contract that details the amount she is to be paid and the services that she is to perform.