What do all of these diabetic test results mean?

1 answer | Last updated: Oct 22, 2016
A fellow caregiver asked...

What would cause my husband to have a reading of 790.6 hyperglycemia from a hemoglobin A1c test? He also has a 791.0 proteinnuria reading from a urine protein/creatinine ratio? Next - 414.05 coronary artery disease, NOS reading from a Renal Panel (10)? What does all this mean???? He won't talk to me!!!! Help!

Expert Answers

Theresa Garnero is clinical nurse manager of Diabetes Services at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco.

The numbers described are codes used to specify a diagnosis; they are not laboratory results. "NOS" stands for not otherwise classified, again - medical diagnosis jargon.

It is most difficult to stand by as the partner of someone who has diabetes, oftentimes witnessing choices that might not be in the interest of their health, and feel like you can't do anything to help. You obviously care for his well-being but the dilemma is the diabetes is your husband's disease. Even though you want to be involved, he may not want you to be out of protection or other reasons.

Diabetes affects the whole family. In these situations, it may be useful to voice your genuine concern, that you want to be there for him and understand what is going on. Ask how he would like you to show your support. Tell him you don't want to be extreme, like be a nag or not say anything at all. The bottom line is you care.

Another approach is to invite him to a local diabetes support group. It is often helpful to hear it from someone outside one's inner circle. If after that, he tells you to take a hike, you may wish to find a way to find a way to cope with his resistance and maintain your sanity. A therapist or a social worker who is a certified diabetes educator can help you develop your skills to handle this challenging set-up. He may not want to talk - but you can. Best of luck!