What is the cost of transporting a body from Clarksville, IN to Schererville, IN?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
Patgreenlee asked...

If my father dies in Clarksville, IN, how much is cost of transporting body to cemetary in Schererville, IN?

Expert Answers

Rebekah Peoples, CFSP, CPC, Is a licensed funeral director and embalmer. She is passionate about serving others and believes that giving clients honest, accurate information empowers them to create tributes and services that are meaningful and appropriate. Her tips about funerals and life can be found at www.funeral411.com.

Funeral homes almost always have a charge for the hearse or other vehicle to take the body to its "place of rest." There is no additional charge if the destination is within 25 miles; mileage beyond that is charged by the mile in one direction. This amount varies in different areas of the country. A call to a Clarksville funeral home indicates that the charge in that area is $225 for the vehicle and $3 per mile one way beyond 25 miles. The distance between the two cities you asked about is about 260 miles, making the total cost approximately $700. Keep in mind that these are the charges only for the transportation. Feel free to call a Clarksville funeral home to get prices on any other associated arrangements you would like.