Does this poem hit home???

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Light seeker asked...

Does this poem hit home???

This day, this moment, this time

I tried to start just another day with love and caring the goal I did pray. I woke to the sound of a chime in the air, my Mom was awake and ready for care. The night was a good one awake only 3, but time has no meaning for you and for me. I dressed her and feed her and did laundry you see, time was important the nurse I would see. Her hand it was swollen, her arm had a tear I thought to myself this day was not fare. Sitting and leaning already this day the nurse had not come yet I started to pray. This time and this moment the feeling for me, the worry the sorry more help I do plea. But the strength God does give me and courage not to fear, the things I must go through the meaning is so dear. This day, this moment, this time I do face and come all together with God’s Holy Grace!

I have started writing poems like this to pass the time while caring for my Mom. Was wondering what peoples opions would be to this???

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Aleonns answered...

This poem is really good. I'm doing a presentation on tuesday 2/1/11 in my nursing class on helping caregivers and i was wondering if i could use your poem. my email is