Can you provide me with informatio on assisted living for young onset dementia ?

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Larcurrier asked...

My wife is 66 and will be in need of assisted living within the next year. Every place I have checked into in the New Orleans area only provides help for older (75 and above) patiences.My wife and I are still physically active. She does not want to play bingo and make puzzles. I plan on living with her at the assistant living village. Does any facility cater to young patiences?

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Rosar answered...

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Assisted living communities are geared for those who are in the age range of 62 or above unless their state license dictates otherwise. Many assisted living communities accommodate couples even if one is in need of services and the other is independent. Participating in activities is a choice and you or her does not need to participate if you do not want to. The good news is that many assisted living communities are now doing far more than bingo and puzzles: Fresh Ideas for Fun in Assisted Living There are also some assisted living and retirement communities that are situated on or near college campuses: College-Linked Retirement Communities Connect Generations

For assistance in locating communities in and around your area, start your search here: New Orleans Assisted Living Communities You can also contact a Family Advisor toll-free at (866) 824-8174 for referral assistance.

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