Can I dispute POA actions by my sister

0 answers | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
A fellow caregiver asked...

My mother is 93. my sister went thru Real Services to get POA We were at first hearing. I was rescheduled. I missed 2d hearing.My sis-ter go POA. But over the years all my sibblings were draining Moms money for themselves. Now I have been in moms house for 6.5 years all utilities on until now The gas was just shut off in spring 4/21 aprox. I have had no communications with sibblings or mother who has alheimers. No lawyer will help me because sibblings have had all the money for 15 to 25 years. hear say - mom said all was to be divided equally. My sister said I would get what I have coming. (which is next to nothing). My sister had the will redone and says everything is to go to grandchildren. But, all goes thru my sibling hands. Leaving me with very little or nothing. My question is - Can I dispute my sisters POA before mom is deceased for here in my opinion dishonesty? Can I request a copy of the original and second will? (which I did with my 1st lawyer