Can breast cancer spread to the spine also spread to the brain?

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Can breast cancer spread to the spine also spread to the brain?

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When breast cancer spreads to the spine, it's known as bone metastasis. And unfortunately yes, breast cancer that has spread to the bones may spread to other areas such as the brain as well. This happens when cancer cells break away from the primary tumor and travel through the circulatory system. The most common areas for breast cancer to spread are the bones, lung, liver, and brain. However, just because breast cancer has spread to the spine doesn't mean that it will spread to other areas. Doctors can treat the new tumors with radiation and new medications called bisphosphonates can block the progression of tumor cells in the bone and prevent the cancer from spreading to other organs.

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Ladygolfer answered...

i have breast cancer and was diag. in 2006. in april of 2009 my cancer has mast. to my bones, i am on femerria now, my doctors say as long as it does not spread into a vital organs i am doing ok. i am on chemo once again and have had 10 rounds of radation. having sever back and hip pains now. since april i have had 2 cases of awful hedaches and nausua, they have done ct scans of my brain, but everything seems to be ok.

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Your doctor should have told you about Kyphoplasty, which is indicated for bone metastasis and can reduce pain significantly. you can find more info at