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Clawson Manor is an independent living, affordable housing complex for those over 62 years of age. There is also a limited amount of space for those under 62 who either receive SSDI or SSI (disability income). Clawson Manor is conveniently located in downtown Clawson (located between the cities of Troy and Royal Oak), just west of the intersection of Main St. (Livernois) and 14 Mile Rd.

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Clawson Manor
Posted by Bill Netter December 23, 2011

I am/was a resident of this facility

I have lived here at Clawson Manor since 2008.I am 52 years old as of 05/2011 and am probably one of the youngest people that are currently living here. I was a little concerned with that fact, until I started meeting my neighbors and the other tenants. Like it was said in the previous comment, the people are very nice here and I really do get along with everyone I've met. It would be nice if they had a couple of people here that were around my age, but that can change anytime in the future with new people that might move in. This year, some remodeling was done to the outside of the building. Some new permanent benches were installed in the front and back, concrete walkways were laid, and new bushes and foliage were planted, so it does look a little bit nicer outside now. This is a Government-subsidized building and therefore rent is decided by the amount of money a tenant earns per year. Many of the apartments are studio's, but there are one bedroom apartments available. Studio's include a kitchenette, a full bathroom, a big closet, an area for storage, and a decent size front room. Tiled floors are the norm, but the tenant may lay carpet if they wish. The building is locked at all times but residents are given a magnetic opener which opens all the entry doors. There are laundry rooms on almost every floor. The building is only two blocks from beautiful downtown Clawson. The office staff is extremely nice and understanding. And the maintenance staff are second to none and are also completely trustworthy! There is parking for tenants on the side and behind the building. Many different events for the tenants are held in the large front dining room area. A library is available for use by the tenants as is the sitting/game/TV room. A computer room is offered for everyone's use during certain hours. There is also a beautician who also cuts men's and styles women's hair.

Clawson Manor is a real nice place to call home! Good people and a wonderful staff make this place very comfortable. If you are interested, call and make an appointment and come meet some of us here. I'm sure you'll like what you see and who you meet! Hope to see ya soon. BN

Clawson Manor
Posted by medicalsocialworkerAC November 10, 2011

I visited this facility

Clawson Manor in Clawson, MI is a senior apartment building. This is a high rise building and houses many residents.
Out of the many senior housing facilities I have been to, I have yet to meet friendlier residents than the ones at Clawson Manor. Most go out of their way to start a conversation and give directions. I have heard that many wonderful friends have been made among the residents here. Since this facility is a high rise, there is limited outdoor space. Many residents use the small outdoor space to smoke, so there is not much of an area for those looking to be outdoors in "clean air".

Out of five stars, I would rank the grounds a 2.5, the common areas a four, the residents' rooms a 3.5 (they are quite small), the staff a four and the quality of care a four. Overall, I'd give Clawson Manor a rating of 3.5 stars because the grounds and building could use some improvements, but the wonderful atmosphere created by the residents deserves to be recognized as well.

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