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In-Home Care: How to Keep My House from Smelling Like a Nursing Home?

An anonymous caregiver said...
My mother is moving in with me in a few weeks. She is bedridden... I feel horrible asking this but does anyone have any recommendations for products to keep my house from smelling like a nursing home? Sharper Image or some other air purifier? Candles would be difficult because chemicals seem to aggravate our allergies. I'm open to trying anything though.
from the Caregiving at Home Stage Support Group
An anonymous caregiver said...
I have found Febreeze or Renuzit spray work the best. They erase the odor while things like the oran... more
pleasann3 said...
Get some lil bottles of essential oils and about 3 spay bottles. Fill bottles with water and add as ... more
pleasann3 said...
I also agree with the person before me....take out HER bathroom trash every day. I use Clorox wipes everywhere. .

Alzheimer's Caregiving: How to Keep Him Busy and Oriented at Home?

rpebbles said...
I just started taking care of my father-in-law who has the beginnings of severe alzheimers. I have tried color coding his drinking glasses for him, and I have put labels on the doors so he knows where his bathroom and bedroom are, but he still gets very confused as to which way to go in the house. He is also very bored. I give him chores or tasks t... more
from the Severe Stage Support Group
MaryAnnDodge said...
my mom lost interest in reading and tv but i think it was more that she could no longer understand e... more
Caring.com User - hugsandprayers from Becky, in OH
hugsandprayers from Becky, in OH said...
My mom sits and sleeps and sometimes will watch TV. She has been this way for the last 3-4 years, where she won't read or do any of the things she used to.
Caring.com User - dear one of Mort
dear one of Mort said...
Have you reached out to the Alzheimer's association. There may be ways to help you with the daycare... more

Long-Term Care: Visiting Dad Created "Joy to Put in Your Bucket"

Caring.com User - jds
jds said...
I traveled to see my dad this afternoon. He was very angry about not being able to leave the NH in the morning and it took a long time for staff to help him calm down. This was not apparent to me when I visited. One staff member used a pictured story about our family to distract him. They also had dad read a stack of greeting cards I sent him. A nu... more
from the Moderate Stage Support Group
Caring.com User - Piver
Piver said...
jjds: happy report. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
Caring.com User - nac
nac said...
jds, glad to hear everything is going good for your dad. HUGS
Caring.com User - Gatfly
Gatfly said...
I loved reading your post! Such a positive one and even though it took a while for the staff to sett... more

Managing Finances: How to Convince Loved One to Turn Over the Checkbook?

An anonymous caregiver said...
When your loved one reaches the point they can no longer keep the checkbook, what are successful techniques you can use to get them to turn it over to someone else if they are reluctant to do so.
from the Severe Stage Support Group
volleyball5 said...
I use to sit with hubby when he would do check book I would see him getting frustrated and would ask... more
Sun lover said...
Well if she doesn't get to write checks without you being present then if you have old checking acco... more
Caring.com User - DeSings
DeSings said...
Great ideas!

Caring for a Spouse: Helping Him Through the Decline

gr8grma said...
My husband was very confused yesterday when he got up and thought he was in the wrong house. I quickly went to him and got him settled for the morning and got his coffee. He said something is happening in his brain and he feels it that he is getting worse. He said he is only going to get worse and feels in a year he will be nothing. He asked if I would be here to take care of him. I assured him I would.
from the Mild Stage Support Group
BelleW said...
Your husband is very lucky to have you to take care of him. As a caregiver you adapt to a certain le... more
wantherback said...
My mother has had a slow decline for the last 10 years and I know what you are going through. There... more
Caring.com User - Marjie59
Marjie59 said...
yep-- it is the "little" things they cant remember that kills us inside. Seems like all we can do is take it minute by minute and hope for the best. :)

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