Where does the blockage go after a stroke?

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Debbiecook316 asked...

My 28 year old son had a CVA 11 March 2013 was in hospital one day, after that he saw his Doctor and heart specialist, had MRI MRA CT Scan, Carotid doplar, blood cultures for two weeks (possible bacterial endocarditis) all clear! X-rays show a blockage right side of his head my question is 'where does the blockage go? Does it dissolve? Move? He takes aspirin that's all? His recovery was swift, but ( there's always a but) his left hand is weak (he is left handed by the way) he had a slight kickout with his left leg when he walked but that seems to have gone. His sense of humour has gone I can't tease him it confuses him we teased each other all the time. Now I can't it hurts his feelings??

Expert Answers

Ladislav Volicer, M.D., Ph.D., is recognized as an international expert on advanced dementia care. He is a courtesy full professor at the School of Aging Studies, University of South Florida, Tampa, and visiting professor at the Third Medical Faculty, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Twenty-five years ago, he established one of the first dementia special care units.

The clot may be dissolved or other blood vessels take over damaged part of the brain. Brain has a great ability to repair itself but the repair may take long time. You have to be careful kidding your son because the brain damaged may caused him to understand less that you are just teasing him.