Where can I seek help for finding and affording assisted living?

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Anxious in seattle asked...

I am seek assisted living, as I need help with medication, bathing, etc. and my doctor and family are concerned for my safety (I currently live in an apartment with a 22 year old student). I was recently when I was unable to get out of bed to get food, drink or to toilet. It was nearly four days before my mother found me, unresponsive, and took me to the emergency room. I also sleepwalk and have a tendency to go outside. I have attached alarms to myself and to doors, but no matter how loud they are, they don't wake me. I have injured myself (fallen, hammered my thumb, and hit my head - to concussion) and did not waken. This year I have injured my head on six different occasions and now suffer from some serious cognitive losses. So, I've been directed to move into an assisted living facility. However, I am just 49, have no income, but do have a state employee retirement plan. SSDI is currently assessing me for disability, but I'm told I will have to access my retirement plan and spend it down. There are penalties for withdrawing it before 59 1/2 and rules for how I can and cannot spend it. However, I don't understand any of it. The 'state' legally can't "advise" me as to how to spend it and I don't know who to ask. I've spoke to a financial advisor, but he didn't have a working knowledge of the Medicaid rules and only has experience with senior retirement stuff. I will have to move in 30 days (as my lease will expire) and I haven't been able to find assisted living for someone my age - there are adult family houses that accept people my age, but due to some PTSD safety issues, I'm not able to live in one. I had asked a senior transitioning program for help finding housing and they were unable to find anything in my city. Do you have any other ideas for me? Who can I ask to help me in my search for financial information regarding Medicaid, spend down rules for a state retirement plan (which is somehow different than a "traditional" IRA), for someone not yet of retirement age? And where else might I find assisted living for someone of my age?

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Caringdenise answered...

Hi Anxious in Seattle, Thanks for reaching out for support!

Here are some informational resources on Caring.com that may be helpful to your situation...

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