What is intravascular ultrasound?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 22, 2016
A fellow caregiver asked...

What is intra vascular ultrasound and who in the Boston area does this test?

Expert Answers

Jennifer Serafin, N.P. is a registered nurse and geriatric nurse practitioner at the Jewish Homes for the Aged in San Francisco.

Intravascular ultrasound is an imaging test that uses catheters with a tiny ultrasound probe attached at the end of them to take pictures of the inner walls blood vessels. This test is used most frequently used to show the amount of plaque built up inside the coronary (heart) arteries, to determine if heart surgery is needed.

Regarding the question about who does this test in the Boston area, I would contact any major heart center in your area and ask them if they do this test. If they do, schedule a consultation appointment to see if it is an option for you.