What could cause chronic leg pain?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
A fellow caregiver asked...

I am not yet 40 and I suffer pain everyday in my legs from hips to toes. I had knee surgery last year from meniscus torn and now have heel spur. I'm not eligible for disability and have prexisting issues. Why do my legs hurt so much?

Expert Answers

Jane Andersen, DPM, is a board-certified podiatrist in private practice in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She provides surgical and nonsurgical foot and ankle care to all types of patients, including the geriatric population in her area. With the American Podiatric Medical Association, she has worked to educate the public on foot and ankle health.

Sometimes pain that radiates down the legs is caused by problems with the lower back, but it's difficult to diagnose your pain without a physical examination. You should first be evaluated by your primary care doctor. He or she can determine if you should see an orthopedist or a neurologist. Your heel pain is best evaluated by a podiatrist.
To make the most of your visits, make a list of what your symptoms are, when they happen, and what makes them better or worse. It is possible they are all linked, so your primary care doctor is a good start in your search for answers.