What can I do to help my husband with his pancreatic failure?

0 answers | Last updated: Sep 08, 2016
A fellow caregiver asked...

My husband is 42 yrs old. He has been in the hospital since June 2015 with pancreatic failure. The doctors keep saying there is nothing they can do. that he is going to have to live with the pain. He was giving a pain stimulator for a week and then they had to take it out of his back because Medicaid wouldnt cover it. We keep being told that he needs to be on Medicare and then they can help him. He has been waiting on Medicare for over 2 years now. I dont know what to do to help him, our 3 year old or myself going through his organ failure. I have worked hard to try and keep our lives as normal as possible but I dont know what more I can do. I fell like I am failing at everything I do, I cant take the stress and I am starting to have health problems now from the stress of it all, and then our 3 year old is starting to act up. What can I do or where can I go to get help for any of us?