Are my husband and eligible to live in the Veterans Home?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 21, 2016
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We lived in NJ for 36 years. Paid our taxes as homeowners for 34 years as homeowners. We moved out of state to care for a sick daughter and her family and now rent. My husband faces amputation and staying in Pa. is not a reality. Our youngest daughter said we could be eligible for the Veterans Home in Cumberland County as residents. Could you please give us some information. We are both disabled but are both able to get around.

Expert Answers

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If your husband served on active duty during wartime, both of you may be eligible for admmission to a State VA Home. The NJ Veterans Memorial Homes (Vineland, Menlo Park and Paramus) have a 2 year NJ residency requirement prior to admission. There is usually about a 6 month waiting list for each of these homes. It may be longer for a spouse to join the veteran. (For a surviving spouse, it can run at least a year.) Due to your extenuating circumstances, I suggest you call the Admissions Director at Vineland and explain the situation to find out if you are eligible and, if so, how long is the waiting list.