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Do drug companies help pay for chemotherapy?

1 answer | Last updated: Aug 23, 2011
Do drug companies help pay for chemotherapy?

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Drug companies help pay for chemotherapy in two ways: clinical trials and patient assistance programs. You can read more about clinical trials here.

Patient Assistance programs, also called indigent patient See also:
Clinical Trials for Cancer Treatment: A Beginner's Guide

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programs, are developed to assist low-income, high-need families get started on a chemo program. Each requires an application with demonstration of need. You can start by contacting these companies:

Bristol Myers Squibb



Eli Lilly Patient Assistance Lillly Cares Program



Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Patient Assistance Program



If the patient needs medicine made by another company, research the contact information and write to them directly. Many companies have community outreach programs that have funding behind them. You can also try:

Partnership for Prescription Assistance




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