Can I get paid to relocate back to Michigan to care for my mother?

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Vgray asked...

My mother lives in Michigan and she wants me to relocate back to Michigan because she has difficulty remembering things. She is a senior citizen and lives alone. There is no family member there to help take care of her. My aunt, who resides in Michigan as well, is older than she is. I can not afford the expense of relocating. Is there any financial help to relocate me where I could take care of her and my aunt, who is 14 years older than my mom, who is 68, and suffers from asthma and breathing problems? I would appreciate any resources someone may be able to direct me in.

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There may not be any funds to pay for your relocation, but it's possible that you could get paid to take care of your mother, and maybe also your aunt, once you get to Michigan. If either your mother or aunt has low income and assets, they each might qualify for Medicaid, which provides in-home care. If so, in Michigan it's possible to have the state pay your mother (and aunt) directly for her in-home care. She can then use the money to pay you for taking care of her. This cash assistance is possible even if your mother has slightly too much income or assets to qualify for Medicaid.

The cash assistance works through a program called Cash and Counseling. It could directly pay your mother the same amount Medicaid would pay an aide from a home care agency. If she qualifies, your mother can spend these funds on anyone she chooses to take care of her. Your mother decides how much to pay per hour of care. Also, your mother can use some of the money to make home improvements for safety or comfort, or to buy personal care items. To find out more about these cash assistance programs, go to the page on this site called How to Get Paid for Being Your Parent's Caregiver.

Your mother can apply for Medicaid and Cash and Counseling, or for a similar state cash assistance program, at a local Medicaid office near her in Michigan. To find the local Medicaid office nearest her, you or she can contact the Eldercare Locator by phone toll-free at 800-677-1116, or you can go online to the Govbenefits web site page.

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Pmj04 answered...

Recently my uncle passed away, since then my aunt has been alone. I am in the process of moving in to take care of her. It is a full time job, as she is disabled. She also has dyalisis 3 days a week. I am unemployed and trying to find a job that will work around my other "full time job" is almost impossible!! We live in Indiana, and I was wondering if anyone knows if I can get some help with money? Or how I go about finding out how to do it? Thank You