my mom is 83 she just told me she saw her dad and she hears voices in her house

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Alwaysfearful asked...

My mom says she hears voices or people talking in her house. She told me they were having a party in her back room. She says she tells them to leave and sometimes they do but sometimes they won't leave. She is not afraid of them but she thinks its the devil. She is a christian woman so she believes telling them in the name of God to leave that they will leave. Her memory seems very good she lives alone pays her bills on time and remembers anything and everything i tell her or talk to her about. She does seem a little paranoid about the neighbors not liking her. There was a time she said she heard someone screaming in her front yard but she didn't call the police. She talked about it for months, thought the neighbors hated her for not calling the police. Everytime she saw that someone was found dead on TV she would get v'ery depressed and think that was the person that was screaming in front of her house. I can't figure out if its just old age or what. There absolutely no way she would let me tell the dr about any of this. She does have congestive heart failure and has had problems with UTI's. I'm just very sad about seeing my mom this way. I'm afraid that her seeing her dad in her room the other night might mean she is going to die soon. I lost my daughter in a car accident a few years ago. My mom is my only friend i talk to her constantly I just don't know what i will do when I lose her. I writing to get opinions on if it could be the beginning of dementia or any thoughts on that and if seeing her dad could mean she may die soon. I read that it does mean she may die soon. This is my first time doing anything on the internet so i appreciate anyone who reads this and any opinions. Thanks

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Lorraine54 answered...

I just found this forum today. I'm sorry that no one has responded to your question. You must feel very alone. My mom is 94 and in the moderate stages of Alzheimer's (probably more accurately vascular dementia - but it pretty much looks the same). My mom "sees" her father all the time - dead for at least 60 years. She sees other dead people and things that aren't there...dogs, hot irons, babies, etc. My brothers (who I could never manage this without) and I try to humor her through most of these imaginations, but when she is agitated by them, it is painful to watch. I cry all the time feeling the loss of the mom I knew. I'm the only girl so we had a special relationship - as you did. My recommendation for you is to speak to her doctor. You can't manage this without support. You can't diagnose on your own. We have been through 2 short stays in psychiatric hospitals to manage perscription medications that seem to help - not always but better than it was. My mom sees a geriatric psychiatrist at least every 3 months, sometimes more often. Your mom's medical condition could affect what's happening, but it's probably not the whole story. My mom has high blood pressure and mild congestive heart failure...but her primary care physician says she is physically healthy. You can get good information on forums like these...and sometimes it just helps to know there are others out there with similar problems...but in the end you have to meet with a doctor to form a medical plan. If she won't tell a doctor YOU need to...the sooner the better so she and YOU can begin to get help.