How to get my husband to comply with the diabetes eating plan? His refusal is upsetting to me.

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Ctupton asked...

Presently my husband (age 68) is in rehab after a reaction to metformin and a 3 day stay in the hospital for that. In rehab they have him on a diabetic diet and tried to have him on a pureed food diet plan because he has been having choking episodes. He had a stroke in 2006 and uses a motorized wheelchair. He refuses the pureed foods so now they reluctantly have him on the soft foods plan with exercises from a speech therapist. He asks me daily for food from Burger King. I know when I bring him home he will give me a hard time about both the diabetic foods and about the soft foods. I have seen him turn purple from choking. He doesn't care. he said he wants to eat what he wants. So if choking does not convince him to eat certain things , how will the subtle symptoms of diabetes convince him to not eat things detrimental to his diabetes? He had the stroke originally for not taking his high blood pressure medication. (2006) He cannot get his own meals. He tries to get into our cupboards and refrigerator for snacks, but is wrecking the kitchen with his motorized wheelchair. Mostly, he gets what I give him. Preparing his food is already a burden on me but his attitude makes it all worse. He only tells me foods he hates, He never has ideas about foods he wants (well except Burger King or sweets or heavy fatty meals). He totally refuses to eat any vegetables. In rehab he went hungry for over a week by not eating the pureed meals. Now he is very hungry and eats most everything they give him--soft food plan and a diabetic meal plan. He still chokes sometimes but not as bad as before. He cannot stand. I bought a Sera lift and now I am paying for help every morning and every night to get him into and out of bed and do his hygiene, including diapering. chris